adorn photography

I find that when I photograph people, it often takes the form of an adornment. I’m not talking about making fun of people here, but the idea of wearing a mask, or a hat, or a jacket and tie, like a “fancy dress” is very common. I’m talking about wearing clothing with an image, a symbol, or a reminder to someone or something.

We’ve all seen people wearing certain things and being a part of something they weren’t supposed to be. But what about the oddball that wears a badge on his shirt? What about the person who wears a skull mask or tattooed on their face, or the person who wears a full mask of some sort? Even in our own families, there are people who are completely weird and eccentric.

This is why so many people wear masks. They are not only a visual reminder, but they also act as an alarm system. They are not only a sign of authority to other people, but they also identify them as being strange. And strange is a good thing. Because weirdness signals you are different. And being different signals that you should be paid attention to.

One of the advantages of being different is that you become an authority on weirdness, as people who are weird are more likely to know what you’re thinking and planning. If you are a weird person, you will be more likely to be curious and less likely to be afraid of you. And because weirdness is the sign that you are paying attention, weirdness is also good.

And being weird is good because it signals that you’re more likely to be paying attention. So if you are a weird person, you have the power to change the world.

As weird as it sounds, there are a lot of ways to be weird. You can be an eccentric, as many of the people who are weird are. You can be a loner, as more people are. Or you can be a group of us. We have a common name for weird people: We are the weird ones. And being weird is good because weirdness signals that you are paying attention. So if you are a weird person, you can change the world.

The fact is that a lot of weird is simply the natural state of being, as it is a lot easier to pay attention to weirdness than to normalcy.

It’s true that weirdness is one of the most recognizable traits of the human species, and of course it’s not just the ones who can’t be normal. But it’s also a sign of something else. What we’re talking about here is that being in a group, being in a group of like-minded people, is a sign of being weird. We are the weird ones.

Being in a group, being in the same place at the same time, is another sign that you are weird. And for weirdness to be recognized as a signature trait of a being is another sign that it has a purpose. Even if it is something that is merely natural for the species, like a propensity to get into fights or to make strange faces at people, this is why it is important to pay attention to strange behaviors.

You could argue that weirdness is just a matter of being in a group of weirdos. Of course, that was my argument too. In fact, I don’t think I have anything more to say about weirdness, and I don’t think anyone else is going to.

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